Runners, Stop Saying Slow

Runers, stop saying "slow"! Here is what to say instead of slow

As runners, we need to stop using the word slow; stop saying, “I’m a slow runner.” Maybe you’re self-conscience about your pace because you’re new to running, so you feel slower than other runners. Or maybe you’ve been injured and you’re feeling slower than you once were. You may even just want to prepare your running partner for possible stops and slow downs along your run together, so you announce, “I’m slow” like it’s a shield protecting you from any judgment you might receive.

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Take the Stank Out of Washing Running Clothes

Attention Runners! Get that awful stench out of your athletic wear with these simple steps and tips for more efficiently washing running clothes.

Runners (and our spouses) know that offensively pungent smell coming off our running clothes all too well. For a long time, I was certain that I would have to concede to the stank and toss out a few of my favorite running shirts. The smell was not coming out of my running clothes! After some experimenting and changing out my detergent, I’ve figured out the best way to wash my running clothes. Here are my simple steps and tips to more efficiently washing running clothes to get that runner’s stench out of your athletic wear.

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Every Runner Should Volunteer for a Race

Race volunteers are vital to making a great running event. Every runner should take the opportunity to pay it forward and volunteer at a race.

If you’ve ever run in a race, I probably don’t have to tell you how awesome race volunteers are. Races wouldn’t be possible without them! No matter the job, big or small, race volunteers make running races safe and manageable. Race volunteers get up just as early as runners on race day to hand us water, keep us healthy, let us know of coming changes in course, and so much more. Because of how vital race volunteers are to a successful event, all runners should take the opportunity to pay it forward and volunteer at a race. These are the compelling reasons that I discovered from volunteering at a local race.

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Running New Paths & Finding Confidence

Running new paths can be scary. But I've learned that taking small steps to conquer a new trail helps me find confidence in running and in life.

Sure adventure and spontaneity are thrilling, but I prefer to read the Yelp review before diving into the wild unknown. So when it comes to trying new things in running, even something as simple as trying a new path, my heart quickens and my nerves kick in.

Heading out my front door and running through the neighborhood is the easy thing to do. And I often fall into this routine. I’ve even said before that the treadmill is my not-so-secret love affair, which has a lot to do with the ease and security of hopping on, zoning out, and getting my run in. But tackling a path that I’ve never been down is especially nerve-racking, mostly because it’s new. I mean it’s easy to eat the same meal that you always get at your favorite restaurant. Venturing to another page in the menu is like trying a new running path, you just don’t know what to expect.

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Solve These 4 Common Training Plan Dilemmas

4 Running Training Plan Dilemmas Solved

So you’ve picked a running training plan that you want to follow, but it doesn’t fit your life or schedule. You’re not alone! Training plans are not one size fits all, which is why I’ve taken to creating a personalized training plan. In doing so, I’ve learned how to alter training plans to meet my body’s abilities and my personal calendar. In this post, I explain the tricks you can use to address the common dilemmas you might face and how to tweak your training plan.

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