Running Lifestyle Goals for 2017

I rarely, if ever…nope, never have I ever made a new year’s resolution. I’ve never understood the point in waiting until January 1 to decide to do something.

This year, however, I find myself making a mental list of things I want to do in 2017: goals, aspiration, wants. I worry that if I don’t write them down, and even scarier, publish them to the internet, then I may never follow through with them.

As runners we tend to make time and distance goals, and while I have a few of those floating around, they do not compare to my running lifestyle aspirations.

Number 1: Join a Running Group/Club

Ack! This gives me serious anxiety. Meeting new people while not sounding like a blubbering idiot, is not my forte. But I want to make new friends, and I want to grow and improve as a runner. I think that a running group will help me accomplish both of these things.

Number 2: Run Four Days a Week

This goal strikes up a different kind of trepidation. I currently run three days a week with cross training filling in the gaps, because every time I’ve tried upping my weekly runs, I find my body getting cranky. I have managed to train for two marathons and a handful of half marathons with this regime. But I think there are quite a few benefits to running one extra day that I’d like to explore. I will have to do additional research and approach this goal gradually.

Share your #runnervibes below: Do you have any resolutions, goals, ambitions for the new year?

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