Rest Day Don’ts

Rest Day Don'ts

There are some weeks when my legs are begging for a rest, my pantry’s bare shelves insist it’s time to make a grocery run, and work is demanding some overtime. These are the times that I am happy to take a day off from my workout routine. But usually, I find myself a bit restless on rest day.

Every day leading up to my day off is glorious, hard, sweaty, and my favorite pastime. I spend my week  thinking how will this food energize me and make me feel when I run? I stretch and foam roll diligently knowing that it’ll make me feel better for the next day’s run. But on my weekly day of rest, with no regime telling me what I should be doing, I can lose control and go a little overboard. I’m not running, so who cares if I eat the whole pizza?! And for that reason, I’ve compiled a list of things not to do on rest days and what to do instead.

Truth: I am definitely guilty of doing some form of each these “do nots.”

DO NOT: Lay in bed staring out the window imagining how you could be on the most amazing run.

I have done this! My bedroom has a giant window overlooking the backyard, and my husband opens the blinds each morning to display just what kind of day it is. And somehow rest days always fall on perfect weather days.


Check tomorrow’s weather and map out your next long run. I love using for this.

DO NOT: Drive by runners who are obviously not observing a rest day honking, cursing, and flashing obscene hand gestures at them.

Okay, I’ve never done this! But I do have jealous fits of rage when I see runners enjoying the beautiful day while I’m running errands.


While you’re out driving, explore a new route. Is there a sidewalk, it is well-lit, and will you be easily seen by drivers? Or if it’s a trail, can you find this new trail, where will you park, does your phone have a signal, and are there lots of other people using the trail? Get a little crazy and take a short walk on the trail; just because it’s your rest day, doesn’t mean you can’t get your steps in.

DO NOT: Lay on the couch eating a sleeve of Oreos and binge watching Gilmore Girls.

Mmmm Oreos! These aren’t allowed in my house for this very reason!


Binge watch your show, but with your legs propped up on the wall or while you stretch and foam roll.

DO NOT: Eat an entire pizza.

I may have come very close to doing this LAST NIGHT! There were vegetables on it, so that helps, right?! No? Okay, so do as I say, not as I do.


Have a few slices with a side of giant green, leafy salad.

DO NOT: Drink the entire bottle of wine.

Have one bottle of hobby beer. Obviously it’s smaller than a bottle of wine, but it’s also like dessert! And one bottle will fill you up! Plus, from my experience, all those hops won’t ruin your next day’s run.

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