How to Run Long Distance with Aunt Flo

How to Run Long Distance on Your Period via @runnervibes13

When my monthly frenemy, Aunt Flo, had the audacity to show up the Saturday before my long run, I was a bit annoyed. She didn’t show up uninvited the day before just any long run, it was the longest run of my training cycle: 20 miles!

If you read that first paragraph and turned your nose up to the TMI, you should probably stop reading now…read this instead.

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4 Reasons I Always Run Commando

Four Reasons to Run Commando

Raise of hands: When I say “commando,” who else pictures Joey Tribiani doing lunges while wearing Chandler’s entire wardrobe saying, “Could I be wearing anymore clothes?!”

I hope I didn’t just lose all of the non-Friends fans! But it was in that classic Friends episode, “The One Where No One’s Ready,” that I learned the term “going commando.”

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Size Matters: The Differences Between Big Races & Small Races

Over the weekend, I finished my second marathon. Yay! This race was unlike any of the other race that I’ve competed in—it was small! Depending on what you are looking for in a race, participating in a small race could be the fun and casual experience you’re looking for! Or it could be detrimental to your success. I found that there were some major differences between running in small races and large races.

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Running Lifestyle Goals for 2017

I rarely, if ever…nope, never have I ever made a new year’s resolution. I’ve never understood the point in waiting until January 1 to decide to do something.

This year, however, I find myself making a mental list of things I want to do in 2017: goals, aspiration, wants. I worry that if I don’t write them down, and even scarier, publish them to the internet, then I may never follow through with them.

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