Heard While Running: Garish & Who Cares-ish

Heard While Running: Garish & Who Cares-ish via RunnerVibes.com

When I run, I let my freak flag fly a little higher than usual. For me that means letting my running clothes express my vibes. I feel strong, vibrant, and confident when I’m running, and my style reflects that. Which could explain why I get comments about my running clothes from total strangers.

Nice Colors

A cyclist once remarked, “Nice colors!” while I was running. I was wearing a bright pink top, royal blue shorts, and neon pink shoes. Yeah, not my best style choice. But who cares?! I was out their slaying a 9-mile run.

Honestly, that’s not exactly how I felt at the time. I immediately blushed after his comment, and it was a few miles before the self-conscious unease in my gut dissipated.

Needless to say, the cyclist wasn’t the only person to react to the funky color combination. Later on that run, a woman in her late fifties stopped her speed-walk session abruptly to wave both her hands at me—jazz hands-style—to say “whoa, looking good.”

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I Like Those Shoes

My first pair of running shoes were gray with blue stripes on the side. I still wear them in the real world, you know non-running situations like the grocery store or TJ Maxx, because they go with everything. But ever since that first pair, I’ve been drawn to bright colored running shoes. The brighter the shoe, the faster you run, right?!

I bought three of the same model of neon pink shoes (not all at once). They were perfect, and not just because of the color. Although I obviously liked the color because I bought the same color all three times, which drew a lot of attention.

A neighbor once stopped me as I headed out for a run to say, “I like those shoes! I would definitely be able to see those when I’m driving.”

Good point! I thought. Bright colors don’t just make me feel happy while I’m running, but they also keep me safe(r).

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Shoulda Worn Camouflage

The most confusing remark I ever received about my running clothes was when a man walking on the trail said, “You shoulda worn your camouflage, today.”

I’m sorry, what?! At least he gave me something to think about (and later laugh at) during my run. My best guess is that the orange vest I was wearing was seen as a hunting vest…? It never dawned on me that this outfit could be construed as odd. I was warm and comfy in my puffy orange vest and that’s all that mattered.

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Garish Running Clothes & Who Cares

In the real world, my style is rather low-key: jeans and neutral colors. But in my running clothes, I get a little flashy. Because, for one, I’m more visible to drivers. But also because it’s fun. I’m out doing something that I enjoy, and my running clothes reflect that. Besides, I can outrun anyone of those judgy onlookers, so who cares if they think I’m a bit garish!

Share your #runnervibes in the comments below: Have you received any comments about how you were dressed on a run? What were the remarks?

Whoa! Looking Good | Heard While Running: Garish & Who Cares-ish via @runnervibes13
Heard While Running: Garish & Who Cares-ish | Whoa Looking Good! via RunnerVibes.com

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