Tips for Choosing the Perfect Treadmill Entertainment

Five tips for choosing the perfect treadmill entertainment

After a snowstorm blew through, I found myself treadmill-bound for 24 miles this week. And as much as I love the treadmill, four days strapped to the ‘mill is too much time spent indoors. When I log miles on the treadmill I like to tune in and tune out to a movie or TV show. In other words: Netflix and Treadmill. It turns out this term is nothing like Netflix and chill; there’s just too much sweat and not enough popcorn.

It’s hard to pick something to watch, and it’s a completely personal task. What I enjoy may be entirely different from what you like. Which can make the choice even harder to make. Seriously, can someone just tell me what to watch!? Which is why I’m not making a list of what to watch while you run on the treadmill.

I do however,  think there are some factors to consider when choosing the perfect entertainment for logging miles on the treadmill that we can all agree on. Here’s what to consider when picking a movie or TV show the next time you’re on the treadmill.

Good Soundtrack

Just like having amazing tunes in your ears can help you find your rhythm, so can the music in a good movie. The first night I was on the treadmill this week, I watched the movie Rock the Kasbah, (1 hr. 46 min.) which stars Billy Murray. The movie featured a lot of classic 70s rock and a few 90s hits too, so I found myself picking up the tempo as if I had my own playlist in my ears. A few other movies that I think have great soundtracks would be:

Mama Mia! (1 hr. 49 min.) – Yeah, I love Abba, what of it?!
Suicide Squad (2 hr. 16 min.) – Sure, it was not the best movie DC Comics ever put out, but it’s hard to deny that it had a great soundtrack.
Guardians of the Galaxy (2 hr. 2 min.) – A good action-packed movie with both laughs and up-beat music.

Been There, Seen That

When I run on the treadmill and watch TV, I always have the closed captioning on too so that I can read along…the treadmill can be so loud. But at times, I can’t keep up with reading, hearing, and running. So a movie or TV show that I’ve seen before can be very helpful. For me, this show is always Friends. I can laugh at that show before the punch line. No closed caption needed.


Speaking of laughing before the punch line, anytime a show has me smiling while I’m running, the better I feel. You’ve probably heard that smiling during a hard workout can help distract you from the pain. I totally believe this! Trust me! Your smile is a miracle antidote to just about any ailment. Try it. The easiest way to test this theory, is to find that show or movie that has you laughing and smiling through your run.  That long treadmill session will fly by if you’re smiling. My funny TV suggestions are:

Scrubs (22 min.)
The Office (22 min.)
New Girl (24 min.)
Friends (22 min.) – Do I have to say it again, really?!


The length of the movie or show is the hardest part for me to nail down. Each run is a little different. I’d hate for the movie to be 90 minutes and my run to be shorter so that I have to choose to stop the movie early or stay on the treadmill longer. The other dilemma is if the movie ends up being shorter so that the end of my run is spent with dead air.  The same goes for TV shows: 20 minutes can be too short and two 40-minutes shows can be too long. Boy am I picky!

Psst. I put runt imes next to the movies and shows I recommended in case you consider watching any of them.

The show that I found to fit all my needs may not be right for you, but I’ll tell you, it hit all the right checkmarks for me: funny, music, and length! Ultimately, I landed on a CW show called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (42 min.). It’s part comedy and part musical. And because it’s not a drama, if I miss a line or two, I’m not missing out on key dialogue detrimental to the plot. Win-win!

Bonus tip… Unless you have a steel stomach, I wouldn’t recommend watching cooking/food related shows while you’re running. Seriously…please share in the comments if this is not a big deal for you, because it’s impossible for me!

Share your #runnervibes below in the comments: What’s your go-to entertainment, movie, or TV show for when you’re running on the treadmill?

Five tips to the choose the perfect treadmill entertainment Five tips to the choose the perfect treadmill entertainment

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