Hello, Running. Nice to Meet You: Finding My Runspiration

Hello, running. Nice to meet you! Finding my runspiration (running inspiration).

For those of us who started running later in life, there are various things that inspired us to initially lace-up our kicks and try this crazy sport. We didn’t grow up on the track. From weightloss to bucket lists to good ol’ peace and quiet, we late-blooming runners have our reasons for starting to run. My running inspiration (runspiration, if you will) was a nameless woman who merely mentioned that she was a runner. Something she said spoke directly to the competitive athlete I had buried deep inside me.

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Running Lifestyle Goals for 2017

I rarely, if ever…nope, never have I ever made a new year’s resolution. I’ve never understood the point in waiting until January 1 to decide to do something.

This year, however, I find myself making a mental list of things I want to do in 2017: goals, aspiration, wants. I worry that if I don’t write them down, and even scarier, publish them to the internet, then I may never follow through with them.

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