How to Repurpose an Old Foam Roller

5 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Foam Roller

I recently upgraded my foam roller. I knew it was time to replace it when I noticed that it had lumps, sags, and stood askew. Four years ago, I bought my trusty red masseuse that I lovingly named IKEA, “just a normal Swedish name.” (Where are my Friends fans at?) I could donate my old foam roller, but I just don’t feel that it’s in good enough shape to do that. And I could simply toss it in the garbage, but all that foam is a biodegradable nightmare! So the tree-hugger that I am decided that I must find another purpose or two for my old foam roller.

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How Expensive is Running, Really?

Running is not a cheap sport, but how expensive is it? I ran the numbers and found just how much running costs me per year.

Sure, throw on your gym shoes and go for a run, and that’s inexpensive exercise. But as soon as you cross over from casually running on occasion for funsies to running for sport, it is no longer a cheap endeavor. I feel like I am constantly buying something for running. Not that I’m complaining! Because I would love to buy all the running clothes and gear and toys. So for the sake of curiosity, I just had to know how much I spend in a year on running. Is running as expensive as I think it is? I ran the numbers and found just how much running costs me per year.

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Treadmill Entertainment

Five tips for choosing the perfect treadmill entertainment

After a snowstorm blew through, I found myself treadmill-bound for 24 miles this week. And as much as I love the treadmill, four days strapped to the ‘mill is too much time spent indoors. When I log miles on the treadmill I like to tune in and tune out to a movie or TV show. In other words: Netflix and Treadmill. It turns out this term is nothing like Netflix and chill; there’s just too much sweat and not enough popcorn.

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How to Run Long Distance with Aunt Flo

How to Run Long Distance on Your Period via @runnervibes13

When my monthly frenemy, Aunt Flo, had the audacity to show up the Saturday before my long run, I was a bit annoyed. She didn’t show up uninvited the day before just any long run, it was the longest run of my training cycle: 20 miles!

If you read that first paragraph and turned your nose up to the TMI, you should probably stop reading now…read this instead.

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4 Reasons I Always Run Commando

Four Reasons to Run Commando

Raise of hands: When I say “commando,” who else pictures Joey Tribiani doing lunges while wearing Chandler’s entire wardrobe saying, “Could I be wearing anymore clothes?!”

I hope I didn’t just lose all of the non-Friends fans! But it was in that classic Friends episode, “The One Where No One’s Ready,” that I learned the term “going commando.”

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