Take the Stank Out of Washing Running Clothes

Attention Runners! Get that awful stench out of your athletic wear with these simple steps and tips for more efficiently washing running clothes.

Runners (and our spouses) know that offensively pungent smell coming off our running clothes all too well. For a long time, I was certain that I would have to concede to the stank and toss out a few of my favorite running shirts. The smell was not coming out of my running clothes! After some experimenting and changing out my detergent, I’ve figured out the best way to wash my running clothes. Here are my simple steps and tips to more efficiently washing running clothes to get that runner’s stench out of your athletic wear.

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Solve These 4 Common Training Plan Dilemmas

4 Running Training Plan Dilemmas Solved

So you’ve picked a running training plan that you want to follow, but it doesn’t fit your life or schedule. You’re not alone! Training plans are not one size fits all, which is why I’ve taken to creating a personalized training plan. In doing so, I’ve learned how to alter training plans to meet my body’s abilities and my personal calendar. In this post, I explain the tricks you can use to address the common dilemmas you might face and how to tweak your training plan.

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Create a Personalized Running Training Plan in 3 Easy Steps

How to Create Your Own Running Training Plan in 3 Easy Steps

Finding a generic running training plan online that fits your life is practically impossible! I am not a runner who runs daily; I only recently graduated from running three days a week to four. Most of the training plans that I find online include at least five days of running. Some bodies don’t handle hitting the pavement that often, while some people just don’t have the time. And there is nothing wrong with this! Training plans are not one size fits all. For that reason, I’ve taken to building my own running training schedule. Here are my easy-to-follow steps (and tips) so you can create your own running schedule.

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What to Pack for an Out-of-Town Race

Get a list of running items you'll need to remember to pack for your next out-of-town race. | What to Pack for an Out-of-Town Race | Runner Vibes

My third marathon is this weekend! I’m running the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, which is about two hours away from my home. Getting up to drive to the race would be inconvenient to say the least. So I’m staying in a hotel near the start line. Since I’m in taper week I’ve been obsessing about race-day weather, getting in the right mindset, and planning…which of course includes making lists. So I’m sharing my race weekend packing list. If you have an out-of-town race, this list of what to pack will help you too! (Plus, I’ve made it easy for you to download and print it.) 

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5 Effective Mind Tricks for Running Hills

Running hills is tough! Use these 5 effective mind tricks, mantras, and inspiration when hill training to inspire your legs to run uphill with ease!

Ugh hills! Am I right?! There is no avoiding running hills where I live. Whenever I approach a downhill, I begrudgingly think I am definitely going to have run back up this damn thing! My house sits on a hill, so when I head out my front door to go for a run, there is no avoiding the 500-foot decline at the beginning of my run and the 500-foot incline at the end. On top of that, my town is hilly; there isn’t a trail that I take that doesn’t have a few inclines on the path. Needless to say, I get slightly weary when I see a hill on my path and sometimes I just wish for a reprieve.

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