4 Reasons I Always Run Commando

Four Reasons to Run Commando

Raise of hands: When I say “commando,” who else pictures Joey Tribiani doing lunges while wearing Chandler’s entire wardrobe saying, “Could I be wearing anymore clothes?!”

I hope I didn’t just lose all of the non-Friends fans! But it was in that classic Friends episode, “The One Where No One’s Ready,” that I learned the term “going commando.”

And when I go running, I’m going commando! Here’s why:

Built-in Undies

Before you get too weirded out, it’s not as if my lady bits are exposed to the elements! My shorts have built-in underwear. So why would I double-up?


I’ve tried running in a g-string or thong or whatever it is that the cool kids are calling them. Somehow a wedgie that is intended to be there is less uncomfortable, right? Not while running! To me, a wedgie is a wedgie is a wedgie.

Sweaty Sweat

Pealing out of a sweaty sports bra is the worst (and if I could run without a sports bra I would)! The feeling of sweaty underwear clinging to your backside isn’t much better. I do not like that extra layer of sweaty undergarments.


Underwear seams equals chafing, and chafing is no fun! I’ve also tried seamless underwear, and they’d be great if chafing were my only concern. Seamless undies are a wonderful lightweight option, plus they are very comfortable for everyday wear. But I find seamless underwear to be even more wedgie prone. So please refer back to my remarks on wedgies.

Share your #runnervibes in the comments below: What are your reasons for running commando or for NOT running commando?

Four Reasons to Run Commando via Runner Vibes #runnervibes

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